03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Goldman Sachs: It's Time to Put Country Before Company

I love the America where women like Maria Guerra, a janitor from Chicago, who worked hard her whole life -- paid her taxes, saved her money -- could not only purchase a home for herself but also could lend her brother money and co-sign his loan so he too could buy a home for his family.

Unfortunately, something has happened to the America we all love.

After our economy collapsed, Maria's brother was laid off and a few weeks ago his unemployment benefits ran out. The bank refused to rework the loan, he now faces foreclosure, and Maria is worried she may face the same fate.

Sadly, for Maria and the 14,000 other hardworking, taxpaying Americans who will lose their home today, the American dream has become an American nightmare.

Where were Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and the rest of the masters of the universe when Maria's family needed help?

Out to lunch and out of touch -- that's where. They were off gorging themselves on billions of dollars in bonuses made possible by Maria and the rest of the hardworking Americans who contributed our tax dollars to rescue Goldman Sachs and the economy.

That's not the America we want and it's not the America we need.

It's time for those of us who love America to stand up and take action to end this nightmare created by Wall Street and the big banks.

That"s why I joined thousands of Americans in Chicago last month to launch a national campaign to start holding Wall Street accountable for their obsession with greed.

And that's why I'm joining hundreds of taxpayers outside of Goldman Sachs' Washington, D.C. headquarters today.

We're taking to the streets because it seems as if companies like Goldman Sachs love their company more than their country. Goldman Sachs seems to salute no flag but their own corporate logo.

And in the name of maximizing profits, and their huge bonuses, they will foreclose on our homes and take jobs from our families while short selling America without a second thought.

And it just seems to be getting worse. Goldman Sachs has become so callous and so greedy that they just issued a report on health care reform recommending that the best thing for insurance companies is no reform at all.

Does Goldman Sachs understand what nothing meant to Charlie Lang from Connecticut whose mother was diagnosed with lung cancer?

The doctors told Charlie and his mother that they wanted to remove her tumor so that she would have a chance of surviving.

But after the insurance company refused to pay for the operation and the family could not raise the money, Charlie's mother died.

I want to ask Lloyd Blankfein: Is the wealth of your company more important than Charlie's mom and the health of our country?

Is this really the "God's work" that you claim you are carrying out?

It's not God's work to kick families out into the street.

It's not God's work to leave people without health insurance.

It is not God's work to put greed over human need and use other people's money to pay yourselves huge bonuses.

When we converge on Goldman Sachs' office today, we will demand that Goldman place their expected $23 billion in bonus money into a fund to help Americans keep their homes in this time of need. We will ask Goldman to put country over company and to truly be their brothers' and sisters' keeper.

Those 23 billion dollars could prevent every single expected foreclosure in America in 2010. That would truly be God's work -- and the American way.

That is the America we want. And we mustn't give up until that is the America that we get.

Will you join me?