11/22/2013 05:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Song


The short clip linked below, a work of utter genius in delivering an informative message this Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day.

The costly truth is that 48 million turkey hens will have lived a horrific life and died brutally on our planet for a traditional feast that is based on unchecked commercialism marinated with blatantly false propaganda.

The Truth About Thanksgiving: What They Never Taught you in School written by Richard Schiffman a few years ago has obviously fallen on deaf ears.,b=facebook

He describes the human element, and touches briefly on the Animal Kingdom during the times of those early "settlers."

"The notion that the first Thanksgiving was some kind of cross-cultural love-fest, as it has been portrayed, is also disputed by historians, who say that the settlers and the Indians were brought together less by genuine friendship than by the extremity of their mutual need. The two struggling communities were never more than wary allies against other tribes.

The colonists were contemptuous of the Indians, who they regarded as uncivilized and satanic heathens, and the fragile early peace between Native Americans and the early settlers would soon unravel in a horrific manner in what is now Mystic Connecticut, where the Pequot tribe was celebrating their own Thanksgiving, the green corn festival. In the predawn hours, settlers-- not the Pilgrims, but a band of Puritans-- descended on their village and shot, clubbed and burned alive over 700 native men, woman and children."

Thanksgiving Day turkey hens are tortured, clubbed, murdered and only very recently were these practices of this barbaric industry brought to the public eye with movies like Earthlings. Main Street has unveiled mainstream media senor-ship on the practices for turning a majestic bird into a commodity. We can now talk about the ethics as well as the sanitation and work conditions for the PTSD underpaid, overworked, uninsured worker. We can show and teach our children where the Thanksgiving Day turkey hen comes from and at what price to the pollution and unsuitability of our planets finite resources.