09/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Raw Food for Health and Beauty

You may have heard of raw foods, and might be wondering what it is. It's food made using only whole fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and ideally organic. Might sound boring, but I assure you the recipes are delicious, nutritious, easy and fast to make, and keep us looking and feeling out best.

See what I ate on Aug 25th.

Here's a photo of my Sunflower Cheeze Stuffed Anaheim Chilies, simply Anaheim chilies stuffed with a yummy sunflower cheeze I make by blending seeds, lemon, garlic and salt.

Why eat this way? Because it's delicious and guilt-free. And....for health and vanity!

-- Optimal health and vitality ---

Fresh, seasonal, and ideally local, whole organic foods offer the highest nutritional profile. So, we get the most bang for our buck. Easy on our digestion, our body drinks in nutrients it needs to function and fight illness.

-- Maintain a lean and trim body and lose weight --

Fresh fruits and vegetables are mostly water and contain lots of fiber to fill us up and keep us feeling satisfied longer. They contain less calories per ounce than traditional food like bread, cheese, burgers, and pasta. So we fill up on many less calories in the end.

-- Look our best --

Water from raw food keeps our skin hydrated. The vitamins and minerals help our skin build collagen, fight damage from the sun, and combat free radicals and aging. A healthy body on the inside shows up on the outside as healthy, clear, radiant skin.

-- Live GREEN --

The food choices we make have the biggest impact on our planet. Shop and eat locally and seasonally to cut down on the distance our food travels. You'll also notice a huge decrease in your kitchen garbage, since most trash is from food packaging.

Peaches and stone fruits are amazing at the farmer's markets right now.
I sliced these for my Peach Cobbler, and the crumble is made with pecans and dates, and spices. That's all.

It's simple!
To get that GLOW, enjoy more whole, fresh, uncooked, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds!

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