08/22/2014 10:38 am ET Updated Oct 22, 2014

Ferguson: An Elegy

an ancient military siege-implement
a form of spur or gaff for a fighting-cock

he stole a cigar from a convenience store
the way the wind sits, it never rains

where the mud is poured upon women
health and longevity the setter of sacks

for the prejudice of the church (I don't
have a gun, stop shooting) the same numbers

in the next file carrying contraband a man
somewhat above the middle size snug

under the barrel when not in use not to
your father a rigid wind chest held in the

hands the fingers remaining free to lie
in the road for several hours clothed in

a fond kiss a person who is a discredit
caught jaywalking stealing a cigar lying

dead in the road for several hours jay-
walking among fans of this type of

literature the smoke arising from the
volatile object Zoe's gift might pierce

the smothering smoke you come at the
length to our church I used to think no-

thing on earth could flutter them so far
so good (unarmed) yielding the weight

of the body weak effeminate unmanly
our horses had been doing nothing lately