03/17/2014 02:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Helpful Nutrition Resources

The American diet is by no means a standard to live by at present. How do you know what diet is the best? That's a tough question to answer because each person is different. In an era of food allergies and intolerances, it's hard for dietitians like myself to say follow one plan or follow one routine. As a result and in honor of National Nutrition Month, I wanted to provide a few nutrition resources I found to be educational. Whether you are looking to change up your patterns, try something new or your clinical status dictates a change, these books are a good start to moving in a healthier direction.

Beyond the Mediterranean Diet: Layne Lieberman, M.S, R.D, C.D.N is a pioneer and expert in the field of nutrition. While living in Europe for a couple of years, she researched extensively the intricacies of diets in countries with the lowest obesity and mortality rates. This book covers the evolution of the American diet (specifically portion sizes) and offers simple solutions for weight management. In addition to breaking down the Mediterranean diet and indigenous eating habits across different regions of Europe, Layne's book includes amazing healthy recipes all of which have been tested. Bonus: Layne herself has taken all of the photos included in the book. This book is engaging, useful, practical and authentic.


Heart Attack Proof: Renowned and leading preventive cardiologist Michael Ozner says there's no reason to wait until you have a heart attack or stroke in order lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Why not be ahead of the game? Proactive methods or measures of behavioral lifestyle change will have a greater impact on healthy quality rather than reactive measures. A combination of the newest blood tests, medications, and nutrition approaches have made coronary heart disease preventable, but for most of us, it's still not a question of if, but when. This book is an easy read and also includes many heart healthy recipes.


The Pescetarian Plan: Janis Jibrin, M.S. R.D, wants to encourage the addition of fish into your diet. Why? Because fish and many forms of seafood are low-calorie protein sources that will help you lose weight, boost brain function, and even improve your sex life. Not only does the book provide evidence based facts, Janis also provides specific calorie meal plans. enticing pictures, and my personal favorite - a seafood staples chart outlining the safest, purest and cleanest choices for your diet. Interesting fact: Did you know that you're more likely to get food poisoning from a vegetable than anything else?


The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook: Tina Ruggiero, M.S. R.D, created a cookbook that provides us with a extensive recipe list covering options for an all-day meal plan. Recipes include the utilization of nutritious and real food, nutrient analysis, and effective and efficient preparation techniques. For most families, it's hard to get into the kitchen after a long day of work, however with this resource, Tina makes it easy to prepare tasty meals at any time of day. Usually that's the hard part for most people! (Guess that's what dietitians are for, right?!)


If you've read these books and have experiences or opinions to share, please do so. My goal as a dietitian is to provide you with legitimate resources I found to be helpful in making healthier choices for yourself and your family.