04/01/2014 11:16 am ET Updated Jun 01, 2014

Tricks to Looking Slimmer This Summer!

When summer rolls around... first the joy and then the fear! Winter has not been kind with the sneaky pounds that have stuck to your thighs!

The first trick to appearing slimmer and more svelte is wearing clothes that fit you properly.
That goes for wearing clothes that are both too small (just because you can squeeze into a size 4 does not mean you ARE a size 4!) as well as clothing that is too big. Wearing a big ol' mumu may feel comfortable and like you are hiding the lumps and bumps, but I guarantee you, that shapeless fabric will add on bulk and make you look even bigger.

Figure out your assets.
If you are more of an hourglass shape, you need to elongate the eye by keeping hemlines below the knee and showing off your small waist by belting a looser silhouette. Your underwear is as important as your outerwear! Spanx are a wonderful invention to smooth out your shape and choosing the correct bra is imperative! An ill fitting bra can leave you shapeless and sagging with additional and unnecessary bulges. Did you know 85 percent of women wear the wrong sized bra?

As far as bathing suits go, pick the correct shape!
This is really the only guide you need. Halter necks are definitely your friend as far as choosing the most slimming neckline on a suit. One pieces are so on trend at the moment. In my mind they are often chicer than bikini's, regardless of your shape. So use this to your advantage! Choose one that has ruching round the middle and that doesn't cut into your bottom or upper thighs. You want the bottom of the suit to be high enough so that it makes your legs appear longer and creates a better shape... but not too high! We left that behind in the 80s (thank goodness!). Darker colors or patterns are also a great way to slim you down.

Wearing long dangling earrings can elongate and draw the eyes down from an unchiseled jaw line.

Make up is a fabulous and inexpensive way to cheat a few rogue pounds! Applying matte powder under your cheek bones (not too much though!) can visually contour and really add some definition to your face.

Hair is always an easy way to add confidence and elegance to any ensemble!
When your hair is looking good, that generally is the quick-fix way to make you feel good. You can slim a round face by adding height to your crown. This will add the volume you need for your face to appear lengthened.

Bring on summer!