06/18/2013 05:59 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2013

Artists Supporting Artists in Aspen

Aspen Colo: In the 8,000 foot altitude of Aspen Colorado, while the famous Food And Wine Festival took over the town, the local residents continue on with daily life of outdoors, and always the arts. Not everybody in Aspen has a private jet and house staff, but what most full-time Valley residents do have is community with a capital C.

Remy Lamping Aspen local, is a pride of our small valley community with her achievements and grace on the world stage of ballet dancing. Remy started dancing when she was four years old and has now been accepted to return to the Bolshoi.

Remy was one of three chosen this year from her class to perform the Rose Waltz dance in the Russian Dance Competition in Moscow and as a traveling troupe in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia at the Nureyev Dance Festival. This will be her senior year at Bolshoi and she hopes to dance professionally for a Russian or European dance company.

Her hard work and grace extends past the ballet shoes and stage bows. She also reaches out to younger dancers to inspire girls and boys to work for their dreams as well. Last year, Remy organized a conference with several of her fellow dancers to host an information and dance day for young dancers. They got the inspiration they needed and the event was a success. Remy continues to help young dancers. "I'm so grateful for the help I've received from my supporters. It's been a long journey and I could not have done it without their efforts and generosity. Artists must follow their dreams and not stop when there's a barrier in front of them. Because when you cross it, it just makes you that much stronger of a person."

The chain of supporters from fellow artists leads to Susan Carrolan, who never let barriers get in her way either. After years of hard work and dedication to her craft, Susan has earned a reputation for some of the most beautiful and sought after hats in the valley, and is giving a portion of the proceeds of the "Remy hat" to Remy's ballet fund.

Ms Carrolan started her career designing stage hats two decades ago in New York. Given her extensive experience, hat-lovers come to her to find out what looks fabulous on the street, by the pool, at a concert or on the stage. She has a strong following in Aspen, New York and world-wide second/third home owners who make her studio their first stop when they visit their Aspen home. Along with hat-making, Susan has been teaching in the art in Chicago to other cities.

Artists supporting artists in Aspen is alive and well this weekend.

Susan Carrolan has a booth at Aspen Saturday Market and is also available for private fittings, where Remy stopped by this weekend to give a big Thank You to Susan for the contribution to her Ballet Fund.

Join us at Remy's fundraiser is being held Wed, June 19, 4-6 p.m., at the Red Brick Conference Room in Aspen. Hors d'ouvres and wine. Remy will present a multimedia review of her year's work along with Q/A.

See you there,
Anita Thompson