04/11/2012 04:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Raising Campaign Funds by Selling Officially-Branded Dog Apparel

Last election, Obama's campaign's weapon of choice was the Internet. This election, looks like they're going another route: the dog route. Hey, people do spend money on their dogs. Below, some of the campaign-fundraising items now on sale at

A dashing Obama bandana adds a touch of Western flair to any Democrat's wardrobe.

The dog answer to a patriotic tie: a "Barack's Best Friend" collar.

An empty dog bowl with the campaign logo at its bottom seems an ominous sign.
Dog in pajamas. Dog looks displeased. Perhaps he's a Republican?
A "Barack's Best Friend" leash: A commentary on Wall Street's treatment of Obama, or an accessory for a walk in the park?
Bo Obama shilling for his master. Again. Because just keeping his own blog hasn't been enough.
The iconic Obama Dog sweater is actually too small to fit Obama's dog.

I'm hoping there's a larger version of this: "I Bark for Barack When I Have To Pee."