05/31/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Endeavour Slideshow: On the First Anniversary of Its Last Flight (PHOTOS)

with Douglas Dechow

Over this past week, eyes have been on SpaceX and Dragon, which completed its successful mission to the International Space Station. Remember, too, that roughly a year ago, on May 16, 2011, space shuttle Endeavour set out on its last-ever mission. On June 1, 2011, Endeavour completed its last mission. On this anniversary, we remember STS-134 and look toward the orbiter's future at the California Science Center. For additional pieces covering Endeavour over this past year, including video of Endeavour's final launch and an interview with the head of the California Science Center, see the series "A Launch to Remember" on the Lofty Ambitions blog.

Endeavour: On the First Anniversary of the Last Flight

Note: All photos in slideshow are by Anna Leahy & Douglas Dechow. NASA also has an STS-134 photo gallery.