02/24/2016 11:20 am ET Updated Feb 23, 2017

"All That Is" - A Conversation with Soul Speaker and Voice Channeller, Anne Aleckson

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I am so excited that I got to have a chat with Anne Aleckson about our connection with our soul.

Just as Esther Hicks channels Abraham, Anne also channels soul wisdom and advice directly though her voice.

I recorded our fascinating and enlightening conversation to share with all of you.

Anne shares what it's like to experience voices in her head, who we learn are a collective of energetic beings, referred to as "All That Is".

Be prepared to have your mind expanded and uplifted as you listen to Anne share her views on personal and planetary evolution.

Experience an energetic #upliftance (my word for uplifting experience) as her energetic friends interrupt and give guidance directly through her voice.

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