02/12/2015 06:17 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2015

Forget Humans: 6 Other Things to Love This Valentine's Day

Over flaky Tinder dates? Is your best friend bailing on your anti-Valentine's date for her new boo-thing? Maybe your own boyfriend is getting on your last nerve. Sometimes, people suck -- and believe us, we hear a lot about it at our biz Never Liked It Anyway. So here are six things to love in lieu of humans this Valentine's Day.

1. Bath bombs. What better way to treat yourself this Valentine's Day than soaking in a warm, luxuriously scented bath? Want tiny florals floating around you, softly scenting your skin? Of course you do. With names like Sex Bomb, Space Girl and Granny Takes A Dip, it'll put you in a doubly good mood. Lush is basically the holy grail of bath bombs; and much more worthy of your love than a Tinder fail.

2. Alright, so you know how cleaning your makeup brushes is kind of really annoying, yet so necessary? Enter the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. This thing is revolutionary. It's available in four funky colors, and we think it's a rather life changing investment. Seriously, watch this. It looks like play, not work!

3. Red velvet Oreo's. It's like when your two favorite artists collab with each other. It's sure to be deliciously legendary.

4. What's cuter than a succulent? How about a succulent in a rad dinosaur planter? Plantcycled on Etsy up-cycles dinosaur and animal toys into the cutest little planters you'll ever see. Because any succulent is better inside a dinosaur.

5. Have you ever walked past Cinnabon in the mall and just wished that warm, delicious scent could be sprayed from a can? Well, apparently so did the guys at Air Wick and the did something about it. Thanks to their gluttonous vision, we now have Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll spray, scented oil, and wax melts, which is completely awesome.

6. Want Leonardo DiCaprio's face in your living room? Ryan Gosling in your bedroom? Johnny Depp in your office? Yes; yes you do. Upgrade from a typical, flat poster of your celebrity crush to a throw pillow of their beautiful face. Seriously, it's a definite upgrade. You can hug Adam Levine and he'll hug you back... closely enough. You can even sit on Kanye West's face-who'd have thought? Check out all the options at Red Bubble.