03/11/2015 10:22 am ET Updated May 11, 2015

Pick-Up Lines for the Mod Gal

When you're ready to get back out there, it helps to have a pick-up line or two up your sleeve. No doubt, you'll find a load of cheesy, overused ones with a simple Google search. We hear a lot about these on our site, like this gem. Yet, why waste hours scrolling through eye-rolling pick-up lines that you'll probably never use anyway? Yes, you are a confident, independent woman who can strut up to any man and make the first move. And sure, you can find plenty of articles stating that men find it sexy, fun, exciting and a turn-on when you first approach them. But, the most important and sexy thing in a relationship is being you. So, we took the time to find some of cheesiest, wackiest and wittiest pick-up lines and categorized them for every kind of sista out there.

Pickup Lines For The Mod Gal