11/08/2012 11:46 am ET Updated Jan 08, 2013

The Best (And Worst) Of Breakup Baggage

When the idea for Never Liked It Anyway -- a place to sell all the stuff you're left with when a relationship ends -- first struck, it was not much more than a funny, passing thought. Then, when I gave it a bit more airtime, I realized that there must be other people wanting to offload their breakup baggage as much as I did.

Initially, I took the liberty of assuming that people would want to buy the sorts of things that I was ready to part ways with, like tickets to upcoming concerts I'd lost interest in, artwork I'd bought with my ex, jewelry I suddenly felt funny about wearing and the croquet set I never understood how I got saddled with. I also thought that, like me, people would jump to offload things that, though perfectly nice, they no longer had any use for. What I didn't realize was that people would want to sell big ticket items like cars, or such personal possessions, like wedding dresses. In the year since the site's been alive and kicking, I've been surprised, fascinated and entertained by the items people are purging. I took a moment to compile a list of the five most fabulous and frightful items that some of our breakup-ees are selling.

Never Liked It Anyway

Offloading your breakup baggage literally as well as figuratively can be very liberating. For some of our sellers, it's cathartic enough to just list the item and tell the story behind it. Not surprisingly, it's the stories we all connect to. Even if you can't relate to the item itself, you can always get lost in the tale of what happened. My favorite stories are the ones where our sellers tell us what they bought for themselves with the money they made. After all, there's nothing quite like being blinded by a big, fat silver lining.