05/26/2013 02:09 pm ET Updated Jul 26, 2013

Sparking Interests

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Recently my mom has had me thinking about college. She suggested I read a book by Cal Newport called "How to Be a High School Super Star." He writes about study tactics, kids that got into "reach schools" without having perfect SATs and a million extracurricular activities, and how to find the special interest that will make you stand out in the application process. He gave examples of kids who did local community projects and internships with their main focus on the interest they had selected.

For instance, there was Olivia from New Hampshire who had a passion for horseshoe crabs and interned in a marine biology lab, and Jessica from upstate New York who started a technology services company (that later failed) and started a blog about lessons in entrepreneurship. Olivia got a full ride to University of Virginia; Jessica got into Berkeley.

I decided after reading the book that I was going to try to find a project that sparks my interest and reveals my special talent. I quickly realized my passions are not really of the horseshoe crab or entrepreneurial variety. I made a list of all the things I am good at, or should I say I think I'm good at. It was a collection of all the things I have mastered in my 16 years of living, and I must admit my credentials speak for themselves.

Wearing My Retainer Regularly: Hey, I spent five years in a habit breaker, pallet expander, pre-retainer (that never got worn), and braces. I put my mouth in a lot of pain and I am going to keep my teeth aligned even if that means wearing a retainer every night to bed.
Shaving My Legs: Because I go to an all-girls school, I don't usually shave because I don't really care what I look like when I go to school. (But when I do shave them they look like... need a little line here that describes your talent) I was going to insert a shaving pun here but I think I'll "shave" it for another time.
Managing the Radio in the Car: Or should I say wrestling with my dad over the radio station in the car. He listens to the Grateful Dead channel on satellite radio -- or the "Taliban torture" station as I like to call it, since it's excruciating to listen to -- so we sometimes have a little wrestling match in the car. I always win though, so it made the list.
Impressions: Amy Poehler, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, and even Obama. I am like a walking SNL.
Rapping: My career started in 7th grade when I got stuck in a tree and the only way my friend would help me down was if I rapped. I believe the lyrics were "I'm a kitty cat, in a tree. Come and save me, I'm in a tree, call the fire department, get a ladder, 'cuz I'm a kitty cat in a tree!"
Couponing: I am always looking for a deal. Maybe I can be on the reality show Extreme Coupons. But before I go shopping I try to Google coupons, and in some extreme cases I even fill up my cart on a store's website and print that out so that I can know what I want and how much money I need.
Shopping. [Refer to Couponing.]
Pushups: Though I can't give you 20 I have good form and I can even do a push up with a clap. During Track season I can give you 20 good pushups.
Making Mac and Cheese: It may not be a filet minion but it is always good for a nice snack or a lazy lunch. I always add extra cheese to the pot because it always just makes it taste better, to me at least.
Lip Syncing: Though I love to sing and do musical theater, I always have fun pretending to sound like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift. Besides, it is always fun to dance around your room like a rock star!

Though some of these things I am good at cannot become a full career I am proud of what I can do. I made a full list of what I am good at and I hung it in my room so that if I am feeling down I know that I can imitate Christina Aguilera while shaving my legs, managing the car radio, and make a rap about everything I am doing. What are some things on your list of talents/interests?