10/15/2012 07:06 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2012

Activate Your Dream Wisdom

Think of a dream. Maybe it was from last night. Maybe it was so long ago you're not even sure it really was a dream. Think of it anyway. Remember every detail. Fill in the blanks where your memory falls short. Make it a dream of this moment, a creative image from your vast, genius subconscious.

Let this image dwell in your heart. Breathe it into your being. What colors in the dream resonate within you? How do each of those colors make you feel right now? What were the sounds in the dream? The sights, tastes and smells?

We activate our dream wisdom by first dwelling on the beauty in the dream. Where does something beautiful appear? Where do things go right? When are you helped by another dream figure? Do you succeed in something you set out to do? Does your hunch or intuition prove correct?

Turn those moments of beauty and success into a dream affirmation: "I know when to change direction." "I can find beauty in the darkness." "My allies are with me." "I have the resources to do what I need to do."

Keep that dream affirmation with you for an entire month. Remind yourself of it while you work, at rest, when you face challenges, and when you're having fun. Notice where it leads you, how it shapes your actions. Let your dream wisdom seep into your bones. Let yourself fully absorb the truth of it.

You will know it is time to work with a new dream affirmation when something shifts in your waking life. Maybe you walk with more confidence or learn to laugh at something that once was painful. You may find you have more patience for others, and more forgiveness for yourself.

Dreams bring us back to our soul, reminding us of things we have forgotten, devalued, overlooked. We do not need to analyze a dream to embody its wisdom. Sometimes the simplest affirmation of the beauty in our dreams helps us stand taller and walk with greater wholeness in our lives.

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