06/27/2012 06:17 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Wealth School: You Have the Power!

Last Friday, I gave a talk in Nice at the Holistic Professionals Network. It was well received by an open-minded and enthusiastic group. Organizers Beverley Holt and Anna Fill of The Riviera Woman gave a great introduction and warm-up presentation.

At the outset, I was not sure, apart from my notes, what I was really going to be contributing, other than I had the intention to offer value to whoever came.

I used a recent HuffPost article, "Wealth School: 6 Keys To Fearless Empowerment" as a basis for inviting an experience of "the appreciation of human value."

My experience is that too many of us under-value, or fail to recognize, our true worth. We do not take good enough care of ourselves, or sell ourselves short when it comes to being true to ourselves and going for what we really want in our heart of hearts.

My mission is:

I am building a better world
on the solid foundation of
greater health, wealth and happiness
and the appreciation of human value.

How can we step into that greater appreciation of who we truly are and wish to become?

I used a bicycle wheel analogy as my "Wheel of Grace." To explain briefly: The outer rim of the wheel is the human condition, literally where the "rubber meets the road." The human condition is the daily life which preoccupies us -- working at a career, running a home, meeting the challenges of dealing with health or finances, or raising a family, for example.

So engaged are we with our worldly concerns that we often lose sight of our human nature -- our innate strengths, qualities, personal assets, skills, gifts, talents and values -- the spokes of the wheel. Each one of us is very wealthy in resources to experience, express and share. Do we take sufficient time and space to appreciate, which also means to grow, them?

Central to the smooth functioning of a wheel is the hub, or in this analogy, the human spirit, which supplies the energy, inspiration, wisdom and inner knowing to move forward successfully in the direction of our choice. Another word for human spirit is love.

So why is the Wheel of Grace of value to holistic -- or any other -- professionals? And how?

The human spirit within each of us connects us, one with another. You only have to notice the increasing interest in social media to know that we are seeking to connect. As much as we seek connection with others, many of us are seeking deeper connection within ourselves.

But more than that, access to our inner wisdom will guide us on the best path for our wheel to travel and make smooth, easy and successful our way, a way of grace.

Going through the six keys, I offered the group two statements to complete and share with the rest of us:

1. What I love about what I do is ...

2. I am grateful that I am ...

The result, which surprised me because I had not been anticipating it, was people connected to their love and I experienced a tremendous warmth as they shared freely and from the heart.

The power we each have is to love, or more specifically, to give and receive love. Within the condition of love, our lives flow more easily and we accomplish more of what we really want.

Love is the fuel that will get you to where you want to go.

You have the power!

How do you use the wisdom of your heart to guide and direct you? How have you found that love smoothes your way -- maybe in connecting with others or finding inspiration when all seemed lost? I would love to know. Please leave a comment below, or drop me a line at:

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