07/19/2012 07:35 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2012

Wealth School: Finding the Power of Witness

Do you have the presence of unconditional support for your projects and the challenges they bring? Do enjoy the value of a good listener who offers no comment or criticism but who is simply there for you?

Last weekend, I received a clear vision for my expanded vocation as I envisage it, and me, becoming. My first response to start realizing this vision was to get over-active and shoot off like a firework display in which all of the fireworks are let off at once. Mistake.

I found myself right back in an old habit of workaholism, with fear and freeze and feeling immobilized. I know better. Fortunately, I am blessed with a dear friend who was able to assist me to recognize this pattern. I took the pressure off myself to, as it is said, let go and let God.

Once again, I am learning to relax and be patient. Taking one step at a time, I am now responding to inspired guidance in perfect timing, beyond the limitations of my apparent need to control every step of the way. "Inspired" means I breathe deeply, and allow the space to let each breath go. I trust. I can only take one breath at a time. I can only complete one action at a time.

One completed action opens the door to the next action to take. This is an approach not of having a whole plan mapped out ahead of me, but one of responding to opportunity as it presents itself to me. Keeping my vision focused on my intention and end result, in a peaceful way I remain balanced, creative and -- most importantly -- active.

A witness is one who is there for you, not needing anything from you by way of a good result (they are not trying to sell you anything), nor are they expecting you to get better if you are for that moment feeling in a mess (this too shall pass). What is more, they trust that you have the resources you need to awaken and grow into more of your strengths, qualities and wisdom.

A witness can hold the open-hearted expectation that you are evolving into the best that you can become. They are "with" you to share in your process of expansion with humour, wisdom and grace.

How can you be a good witness to yourself? Here are four steps to get you started.

1. Set aside a minimum of five minutes, for yourself alone. Find a place where you will not be disturbed.

2. Take in four deep breaths slowly, and let each one go. Relax. Be at peace.

3. With the next four deep breaths, imagine breathing in a clear, bright white light and as you breathe out, imagine releasing and letting go of confusion, anxiety, doubt -- anything that is in the way of your clear seeing and knowing.

4. Observe with care. Here you become the witness to yourself. Whatever you notice, bless it. Positive or negative, send whatever shows up your love and creative intention for greatest good. Make a note of what comes to mind.

Repeat the process from step one if necessary.

If you would like to receive the blessing of a person to be a conscious witness for you, ask inwardly to be shown who might fulfill that role for you. Step out and explore for new contacts. Expand your network of inspired others. Be open to receive, and allow life to deliver for you. We live in a wealthy world where our heartfelt needs are met.

In the meantime, entertain the possibility that everything that comes to you is for you. Even and perhaps especially those challenges which seem impossible to meet.

May you be abundantly blessed in every way.

Do you have special witness in your life? How do you find others supporting you in your goals and objectives? I would love to know. Drop me a line at or leave a comment below.

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