08/22/2012 06:46 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2012

Tell Us: What Was The First Book That Had An Impact On You?

My dog's name is Charlotte.

I often get asked why the tiny English Bulldog with the deep, dark eyes and a tendency to growl at passers-by has such a feminine name. Where did it come from? It came from the first book I ever remember reading; the first book that make an impact on my life.

It was elementary school. Everyone around me was obsessed with "Sarah, Plain and Tall." I couldn't wrap my head around it. A teacher handed me E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web" instead, and I fell in love with the compassionate characters, the quick story, and the neatly summed-up ending. Charlotte wasn't gone, she was just here in the form of all her little eight-legged babies. Sure, it was earnest and silly, but it was important to me. When I read it, I was transported to Fern's farm and curled up in the barn with Wilbur. I never returned that hardcover and 20 years later I named my loyal pet after the book I had stayed loyal to all that time.

We asked our friends on Twitter and Facebook which book made an impact on their lives and found some familiar responses among the crowd.

Which book has made the most impact on your life? What was the first book you even remember reading? Are they the same? Are they very different? Tell us below and share your story about the book that has impacted your life the most.