01/23/2012 12:01 am ET Updated Mar 23, 2012

Lost Girl Recap: Bo's Back, With No Rules This Time

Wow. "Lost Girl's" midseason premiere certainly didn't disappoint, did it? It had everything from a mystical sacrifice to a surprising hook-up to a sexy-yet-evil Afreet who feeds off of human adoration. The latter, of course, is played to perfection by deliciously devious guest star Lauren Holly ("Dumb & Dumber").

Before we delve any further into Holly's alluring of Afreet, let's talk about Dyson. It looks like our lonely, brooding wolf is destined to remain that way forever, now that we know he sacrificed his ability to love! That's bad news for his current ladylove Kiara, who reacts to Dyson's bombshell pretty much exactly as one might expect. She was pisssssssssed. But can you blame her? Who goes around sacrificing their ability to love? Come on!

Dyson's inability may be bad news for Bo down the line, too. But she's too busy with her surprising new hookup to worry about Dyson! SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't seen the whole episode yet, I'm about to get into its two most surprising twists that emerge towards the end. Yep. I'm talking about Ryan. Bo finally gave into the wannabe Tony Stark's relentless advances. And no, he didn't win her over with promises of private jet rides. He had her at "no baggage."

A romance with Ryan probably won't go smoothly. He belongs to the most mischievous brand of fae, after all. And really, who goes around building an "Inception"-style alternate universe inside of a music box while drunk? But Ryan will most definitely inject a bit of much-needed fun into Bo's life. I, for one, realized just how much he had grown on me when I thought he was dead.

OK, it's time to talk about Sadie. Isn't she a great new character? I knew Lauren Holly was going to be guest starring, but I didn't realize she was gonna play such an evil sexpot. The way she's introduced is great, too -- feeding off the adoration of her nerdy fans at some sort of geek convention. Brilliant! Hopefully this episode won't be the last we see of Sadie.

The episode was so action-packed, it was hard to pick just five favourite scenes, but I've managed to narrow it down. Unfortunately, none of them involve Dyson. His scenes were all kind of downers last night, huh? Poor him!

Top 5 Favourite Moments from Last Night's Episode:

1. Bo "marks" Sadie with a hicky, placing the nefarious Afreet under her control.
2. Ryan emerges from the elevator shaft unharmed (and, most importantly, not dead!).
3. Sadie seethes, "You dickheads stuck me in a lamp?!!"
4. The ever-composed Bo is momentarily thrown off when she first meets Sadie. (It's so rare to see Bo meet her match. As Anna Silk once said in an interview, guest stars are usually putty in her hands!)
5. Ryan reveals he's a dark fae -- after Bo has already hooked up with him.

Did I miss your favourite scene? Let me know in the comments!