09/29/2010 03:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

John Stamos Makes His Glee Debut As Dr. Carl, Raises Dentist Standards Everywhere

This week's episode of Glee might have been called "Britney/Brittany" but let's not forget the episode's other (and if you ask me, subtler-yet-also-brighter) shining star, John Stamos. And who better to critique/review/laud/examine the artist-formerly-known-as Uncle Jesse and his glorious debut than me, the other Stamos. So for the introduction of Dr. Carl, the superhero anesthesia-happy dentist stealing the hearts of Gleeks everywhere, let's apply the 'Stam-O-s-Meter' (patent pending) to a few extra Stamos-y highlights from the episode.

Sorry Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) but next to Stamos, arguably the most attractive man to pull off salt-n-pepper locks since George Clooney, your over-gelled mop screams 90's boy-band.

We already knew Stamos could pull off scrubs thanks to his time on ER, but damn, he does the buttoned-down, rolled-up cuffs look quite well. Although, what he really needs is a leather jacket.

His enthusiastic "I'll give you a 100 toothbrushes" was expertly-delivered gem but "you gotta get ridiculous, bro" may have been the second coming of Uncle Jesse, himself.

That snippet of him "gumming" was not nearly enough. This is a Broadway sensation, people! The front-man for Uncle Jesse and the Rippers! The guy is practically a national treasure! Pass him a mic!

Wild Card Category
Perfect 10

Overall Stam-O-s-Meter score?
I think it's safe to say John Stamos has raised expectations of dentists everywhere. Dr. Carl is like a superhero -- no wonder Emma is smitten. I'd say his debut performance garners him a final score of: 'Cool as a Cucumber' Stamos.

If you had your own 'Stam-O-s-Meter' how would you rank him?

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