07/02/2014 03:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Stories That Will Make You Smile


5 Stories That Will Make You Smile

Walked by a public trash can on corner of 104th Street & Broadway in Manhattan to throw away my wrapper, when I noticed sandwiches perfectly packaged in baggies along the rim. I'm sure whoever was hungry that night was most grateful when he succumbed to the trash for dinner to find a thoughtful meal.

M.G.--New York, New York

While hiking in Muir woods a car suddenly drove off the road into a river. Immediately three separate groups of strangers stopped and began sprinting to the scene. The first three to arrive were from different groups and immediately made a human chain to allow the first person to repel down the hill. The group pulled all four people from the black sedan. After the ordeal, there was a moment when all the strangers made eye contact and realized how special it was that without saying a word everyone raced to the scene and worked together.

Matt - San Francisco, CA

THANK YOU to the professional conductor and orchestra who allowed my special-needs teenage brother, Taylor, to be a guest percussionist when they performed the "Overture" to Carmen in a recent concert. I couldn't be at the performance, but I saw a video of it, and I cannot begin to adequately express how much it meant to me to see my brother flourishing his mallet and then crashing it down (more or less on beat!) on the cymbals. Your conductor was right: Taylor IS made of music. Thank you for hearing his melody and helping it soar.

Natalie - New Canaan, CT

Once I started coughing really loudly at the opera. I couldn't stifle my coughs, so I walked out to get a drink of water. But even water didn't help, and I worried I would have to miss the rest of the show. Then an older man who had been sitting near me walked out of the theater toward me. He handed me a cough drop and said, "Maybe this will help." He walked back into the theater. The cough drop did help, I stopped coughing, and I got to see the rest of the show. Thank you, nice man!

Sarah - New York, New York

I was standing in line to buy tickets at Disneyland with my 3 friends. We could hardly wait to get in. The man standing in front of us suddenly turned around and handed us each a ticket to the park. "Enjoy the park are on me!" It was so unexpected and so wonderful. I can only hope to pay it forward someday.

Jenna - Anaheim, CA

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