07/31/2014 11:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sometimes New Yorkers Are the Best



It's been raining in New York this week. The kind of rain that makes you appreciate modern life with its drains and central climate control. I was walking home from dinner on Broadway a few nights ago and the lady in front of me was on the phone. People were in more of hurry because of the rain. She was carrying her to-go dinner and noticed someone digging through the trash to find some food.

She quietly walked over and handed the man her dinner, explained what it was and told him it was delicious. He didn't say much but seemed to trust that the food would be good and put the meal in his basket and carried on. The lady glanced back to make sure he didn't put it in the trash and continued with her conversation. Thank you.

M.D. - New York, New York

It was late in New York City. I had just dropped off my date for the evening and got on the subway around 1 a.m. The subway platform was quiet, a welcome relief from the usual city noise. I boarded the subway car and sat on one end, opposite a group of teenagers debating whether or not Coming to America was the best movie of all time. In between me and the teenagers was a young couple with a small child. The teenagers started to dance and sing.

They were actually pretty good. I looked on with amusement and was happy to be entertained on my way home. After about 10 minutes the young father must have decided he wanted in on the fun and out of nowhere he stood up and yelled out as loud as he could, "you knock me off of my feet yeah baby, ooooh!" He then continued with the rest of Michael Jackson's hit "The Way You Make Me Feel." Everyone was completely startled. We all enjoyed the rest of the performance. The young father's enthusiasm was contagious. I guess he just wanted to let loose a bit. Thank you for sharing your passion for life, it made my night and everyone else's.

Anonymous - New York, New York

To the wonderful man on the NYC subway. A thousand thank yous for carrying my huge suitcase that I was schlepping through the city up BOTH sets of subway stairs. After which you turned around and carried a struggling mothers stroller back down to the platform. The women of NYC love and thank you!!!!

Christie - New York, New York