08/14/2014 05:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Police Giving More Than Just a Helping Hand


My friend and I were at Chick-fil-a with our two ten-year-old daughters, grabbing a bite to eat before taking to a movie. After we had almost finished our meal, my daughter begged me for one of their amazing shakes. I gave her some money to go up and order and pay for it.

Right behind her in line were two uniformed police officers. After my daughter ordered, one of the police officers stepped up and said, "put her order on mine" and then gave his order. My daughter came back to our table and told me the story with a big smile on her face.

The police officer sat a few tables from us, so I thanked him profusely (as did my somewhat shy daughter). He humbly half-smiled and kind of put his head down and said, "You're so welcome."


I went to dinner with family friends not too long ago in Washington D.C. Throughout the night we got to know our waitress quite well. She was great. During the course of our discussion, we found out that she was a struggling college student.

The meal and service were great. As the night winded down to a close, the check came and the family took care of the bill but didn't leave a tip. They pulled out their checkbook and left a check for the amount of a full semester at her University.

I couldn't believe it. We hurried and left the restaurant before our waitress came back so that she would have no other choice but to accept the gift. I was inspired by this family who are making a difference with their money and looking for no credit in giving. Thank you so much.

ATY - Washington D.C.

It was late. I just finished dessert at the top of the Grand Hyatt in San Diego, the ideal place to have a view and dessert. We came down to the lobby to loiter a bit more. Sometimes you just don't want evenings to end. There were very few folks around. The roar of conversation was gone but the buzz of conversation still persisted.

As we stood there, a bride and groom came bursting through the front doors with excitement. The honeymoon had begun. Before they made it to the registration desk a middle aged man went running across the lobby with his wife running after him and grabbed the new bride and gave her a kiss on the cheek. You can only image the look the bride and groom had on their face. The kissing man's wife arrived after the kiss and assured the new couple that this is her husband's "thing." She explained that it's been a tradition of his for many years to always kiss new brides. So here's to tradition and here's to the new couple. Thank You for reminding me of spontaneity and tradition. Cheers

Mike - San Diego, CA