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Best Scenes and Lines of ALL Time

Hello all! I'm now 15-years-old and I've realized I spend all my time watching films. I watch a lot of films and I suppose you could say I am quite good at movie trivia. What I find shocking is how many films aren't well-known when they're beyond amazing. There are some scenes that break your heart. There are some scenes that grip you and have you on the edge of your seat. There are those scenes that make your heart melt. There are those scenes that make you feel, cry, laugh and "aww." I've collected a list of 10 scenes. I've narrowed down all the scenes that have evoked so much emotion that I didn't know how to feel after watching the scene. This is my list of 10 scenes that are extra special and have that wow factor. These scenes are the ones that stared me down when I was scouring the earth for the scenes and screamed "I AM FABULOUS" or "I am the walrus" in number 8's case...

10. Schindler's List is directed by Steven Spielberg and is a film to inform audiences of the tragedy of the Holocaust but also the work of the heroic Oskar Schindler. The amazing Liam Neeson took the bull by the horns and managed to break the hearts of everyone in this epic work of art that is Schindler's list. The final scene of the actual film depicts a heartbroken Oskar breaking down over the fact that saving 1,200 Jews just wasn't enough. This is the second to last scene in the whole film but this is the last scene in the main action sequence. This black and white film sets the scene, but also sets us up for Oskar watching the Nazis drive the Jewish people out of the Ghetto and put them on their way to Auschwitz concentration camp and shows him following the girl in a little red outfit. She later appears being carried out of Auschwitz and I could feel my heartbreak as you fell in love with this little girl as she became the inspiration to Schindler to get as many out as possible and save them from the horrific fate they didn't have to face.

Overall, the last scene of the action was the one that made me cry as Liam Neeson portrayed a perfect breakdown, if possible, and drew me in as if I was him. Having been on the emotional rollercoaster that is Schindler's List, I highly recommend that everyone watches it as it truly does draw you in. This important film is huge and is a reminder of the tragedy suffered. It reminds us of the First World War saying, "Lest We Forget."

9. She's Having a Baby is directed by one of my favorite directors, John Hughes. Being THE director of the '80s, he created the Brat Pack and branded himself king of Teen and Coming of Age films. The romantic films he did were perfect and I bow down to him as a director because he really did capture everyone's hearts in his best moments.

This romantic comedy follows the life and marriage of Jake and Kristy Briggs, played by Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern. Jake narrates the film and it follows his life more so than Kristy's. With twists and turns, Kristy becomes pregnant. But with her labor looming, Jake is panicking and doing everything you can think of wrong but it's very funny. Until complications arise that the couple are unaware of and Jake's world is turned upside down as he is whipped from the room, his wife rushed into an emergency C-section and he doesn't even know what has hit him. "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush begins to play and Jake remembers the times that made everything worthwhile with Kristy through all the difficult times. We watch as the tears begin to fall and he smiles as he remembers the good things as he worries about his baby and wife. This scene was heartbreaking to watch in so many ways that it's hard to describe. Imagine what it would be like to not know whether your unborn baby is going to be brought into this world alive or if your beloved wife will make it through the surgery and wake up on the other side. Exactly. You can't even begin to imagine all the pain and emotion that would be swirling round your mind.

8. Across the Universe was written around the Beatles fabulous music. Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson and Evan Rachel Wood star in this romantic drama musical type of thing. Jim Sturgess plays Jude ("Hey Jude") from Liverpool who travels to America to find his father. In the process he meets Max ("Maxwell's Silver Hammer"), Joe Anderson, who offers to house him. After meeting Max's sister, Lucy ("Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"), Evan Rachel Wood, the boys go to New York to make a life for themselves after Max drops out of college. Lucy's boyfriend, Daniel, is fighting in the Vietnam War and due to come home. Unfortunately he is killed in action and Lucy begins to fall apart. In the 1967 Detroit Riot, Jojo's ("Get Back") little brother is killed. Before his death, he is shown singing "Let It Be." The funerals for Daniel and Jojo's brother are shown as the gospel choir at Jojo's brother's funeral continue "Let It Be" and your heart breaks because you feel connected with this little boy. I didn't feel a connection with Daniel. My heart bled for Lucy and Daniel's mother but I didn't feel anything for Daniel and I felt his death was insignificant. The little brother's death was heartbreaking for me because he was just a boy. The fact that in the Detroit Riot, children probably did die just kills me. This scene just connects you to the action and shows Jojo's background. It's so sad!

7. The Breakfast Club is, once again, a John Hughes film. Starring the Brat Pack, the story line follows five teenagers who have all been given detention. There is the "princess," Claire, who is played by the beautiful Molly Ringwald. Then you have the "athlete," Andrew (Emilio Estevez), the "brain," Brian (Anthony Michael Hall), the "basket case," Allison (Ally Sheedy), and the "criminal", John Bender (Judd Nelson). The reasons they've been put in detention is revealed and they become true friends. The choice of admitting their friendship or leaving it is one they face when they get stoned, thanks to the help of Bender. The hilarious dancing and the brutal honesty that happens in this friendship that is formed in a day shows the way teenage friendships are built. But the social cliques of teenage life get in the way. The triumphant end is accompanied by the letter the group write, signing it The Breakfast Club and giving themselves those titles, and the song "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds. The last shot was of Bender. It was just so perfect. This whole film radiates John Hughes' unique sense of film and knack for creating those memorable scenes. This film is a fitting epitaph for him.

6. King Kong was directed by Peter Jackson and released in 2005. This remake has one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen. The film begins and there is a lot going on all at once. Eventually, Ann, Naomi Watts, is on a prehistoric kind of island with a huge gorilla. The ins and outs are complex but with the man she loves desperate to get her back and her itching to get back to him, she has to escape from Kong, Andy Serkis, who seemed to be a very murderous gorilla. After spending a while with him, they have their ups and downs but he killed a T-Rex for her. YES, AS IN ONE OF THOSE HUGE MASSIVE MURDEROUS CARNIVORES THAT KILL EVERYTHING. He killed a T-Rex for her. That scene is pretty fly but it's not THE scene. The scene happens when King Kong arrives in New York. He's escaped and is roaming round New York with Naomi Watts in hand. Kong takes her to a frozen Central Park and they slide around on the ice together. This scene doesn't sound like much but it's the scene that made the film. I honestly love the scene so much. It just does it for me. Truly beautiful.

5. Surprisingly the only Tim Burton film on here, Edward Scissorhands makes it into my top five with a very beautiful scene. This scene is touching. Watching this about six years on and this film and scene has not lost the magic it always had. Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor. Put that with Tim Burton's amazing directing, Diane Wiest's kind face and Danny Elfman's stunning score, no wonder this film is breathtaking. Winona Ryder played the supporting role and love interest, Kim. I thought Kim was alright in the end but, however much I disliked what she did, she had to be with Edward because she needed dependable rather than crazy psycho. This scene has Edward carving an ice sculpture of Kim as an angel. The shedding ice falls like snow and enchants Kim who almost dances in it. Her blissful smile completes this scene as she gracefully moves through the ice flakes. It's just so stunning. Danny Elfman composed a beautiful song, Ice Dance, which fitted this scene so perfectly and made it magic.

4. Pretty in Pink is the third John Hughes film to hit my list. He seems to convey teenage angst better than teenagers can. This was the beginning for me. This was my beginning into the Brat Pack. She's Having a Baby was the first film I ever watched by John Hughes but this film is so different. This film sums up so much. Starring Molly Ringwald, the goddess of the Brat Pack, Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy, this film is perfect.

This film sums up high school with all the cliques and the places and everything so well. Jon Cryers' character Duckie has always been my favorite character in this film and it always will be. This film has the ability to make you laugh, cry and "aww" all at the same time. My favorite all-time dance sequence is the Duckie Dance. Duckie dances to "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding. The passion he puts into it kills me every time. I am genuinely wheezing every time. It's just too funny for me to handle.

3. Billy Elliot was released in 2000 and is a hit musical on Broadway and West End. The film is not a musical though. This film is about Billy's struggle with trying to accept his ballet passion but also his struggle for acceptance in 1980s London with a very macho father who is, to say the least, extremely disapproving. Including tracks from T. Rex and The Clash, this film is a smash hit. Following Billy's conflict within and struggle for acceptance, you begin to see the hardships for his father and Billy's best friend emerge. The final scene entails a grown up Billy, getting ready to dance the lead in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. Flicking from Billy to his proud dad and then to the best friend. Adam Cooper's final leap at the end was stunning. It was, by far, better than any stag leap I could ever do! This scene is truly inspiring.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's stars Audrey Hepburn as the eccentric, upbeat and quirky socialite, Holly Golightly. George Peppard stars alongside Audrey as the reserved writer, Paul Varjak, who is better known as Fred. Through this film we watch Holly and Paul's friendship strain due to whatever Holly has done. She has her plans and he has his but this unlikely duo begin to fall madly and deeply in love. Holly just refuses to acknowledge it because it doesn't fit with her plan. Holly finally breaks and as she builds her life up again, it seems to flop. Poor Holly! So, Paul and Holly quarrel and finally they have the most romantic kiss in the history of film kisses. The kiss that began it all! The kiss that made every female want a KISS IN THE RAIN! It's basically a fantasy and Breakfast at Tiffany's began it all!

1. Say Anything is top of my tip top fabby list! John Hughes, god of teenage films, tops my list. In this one film, he managed to raise so many emotions in each scene, create some of the most memorable moments in film, create photobombing and create the most famous scene ever.

Say Anything is set around the summer after graduation. John Cusack and Ione Skye star as the young new couple, Lloyd and Diane. This film focuses on them and the trials they face. Diane is the valedictorian and is going to study in England at the end of the summer. Lloyd is an average student and not in her league at all. Say Anything offers the best scene of all time. Cameron Crowe's build up to this scene is gigantic. With our favorite couple going through troubling times, our unconventional hero of the film, Lloyd, is found standing outside Diane's window with a boombox playing their song, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. This sweet song mixed with Lloyd's boombox, mac and car is the combo to creating the most perfect scene. Peter Gabriel has a stunning voice and this song is beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I made my dad give me his vinyl, which contains this song. So, this scene made me cry so much because of how sweet it is. Lloyd is socially awkward and I feel I can relate to him with it.

Set in the 1980s, I think Lloyd would be one of those guys that just kind of sits on Tumblr all day if he was in my generation. Diane would be a popular preppy girl just like she is in the film. Lloyd gets the girl of his dreams and treats her perfectly. This film is a must-watch purely for the scene. Just watch it, everyone!

So, that's my top 10 scenes. I scoured the earth and dug up a few dead bodies of films along the way. I sat and cried through films and used a lot of tissues and popcorn in the process but this is my top 10. Anyway!

All my love,
Anna x

Correction: The original version of this post incorrectly stated that "Say Anything" was directed by John Hughes. The director is Cameron Crowe.