01/28/2012 02:03 am ET Updated Mar 28, 2012

Music Makes Us Who We Are

Music -- can words really describe that feeling we get when we listen to it? Not really, but what exactly makes "good music?" Is it the type or the singer or something other element? Whatever it is, we all know it has a great effect on us. However, is a certain type of music better than another? That is exactly where the debate comes in. Some claim country music is better than R&B, while others claim the exact opposite. However, there is one type of music that is criticized a bit too much, especially by people who do not take the time to listen to it. That type is rap music.

Many folks in our society often connect rap music with violence and other criminal acts. However, it is like every other type of music -- it can be used to express different feelings and moods. Despite saying this, people will still associate rap music with crime when the truth is that most rap music portrays the rapper's life.

I am sure we all have heard of Eminem. Most of his music tells his life story. For example, "Mockingbird" gives the listener advice that things might not always go the way they want it to, but at the end everything is still alright. "You're Never Over" is about his best friend Proof, who passed away. Every time I listen to "You're Never Over," I think about my best friend who passed away several years back. That is probably why it holds so much meaning to me. Society, however, instead of appreciating his ability to be outspoken, has the tendency to criticize it.

Just like Eminem, many other rappers tell their life stories through their lyrics. If they have been through hardships, should they not be allowed to express themselves? Lupe Fiasco is a great example. Most of his songs are about accepting differences among people and the increase of unwanted governmental control. "Words I Never Said" portrays exactly what people are feeling. They are forced to keep their thoughts unspoken. Lupe is rebelling by rapping about problems in our society. Should this be considered a crime?

Music is what makes a person who they are. It is true that certain types, such as rap music, may be depicted as having a negative impact on our society. However, this music most likely contains the most meaning. Everyone should be allowed to seek their story through their music, be it rap or country -- it is still a way of expressing ourselves.