07/16/2010 06:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Will Chuck Schumer Challenge Randy Credico's Signature Petition?

Political comedian-turned-Senate hopeful Randy Credico's tidal wave rolled into Albany yesterday to claim a spot on the Democratic primary ballot. Randy Credico, activist and comedian, against all odds collected almost double the amount of signatures necessary to get a slot on the fall primary ballot.
This was achieved despite not having a well-funded war chest and the lack of a well-oiled political machine running his campaign. Credico's accomplishments thus far have been solely based on the strength of his political positions and from the hard work of his supporters to get the required number of signatures to secure a place on the ballot.

The ball is now in Chuck Schumer's court. Will he welcome Randy Credico to the primary and take the opportunity to engage in a healthy debate on the direction of the Democratic Party? Or are old habits too hard to break? Is he going to throw his money and his lawyers at the "problem" of Credico? Will Chuck try to quash the debate by funding endless challenges to the signature petitions?

In an exclusive interview on the Fred Dicker radio show, Credico said that he previously had college students help him in his effort to gather the required 15,000 thousand signatures needed to put him of the ballot against Chuck Schumer. But in the end he did most of the collecting himself. He went on to say it was an exhausting task and that the 28,000 signatures he collected hopefully will be enough to withstand any potential legal challenges from Schumer. A DC-based law firm has already approached Credico and is willing to represent him pro bono if Chuck Schumer decides to challenge his signature petition.