09/05/2012 09:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Moving Toward Silence...

Peaceful Thought

Every day, I remember to be quiet and to
absorb silence into my everyday life.
I find my time and place, and I am there for myself, every day.
I hold true to my commitment to myself and my practice of silence, so that
my spiritual energy never dwindles and dies.
Every day, I give time and space to sustain my silence so that I shall
experience the renewal that will never cease.

When we find silence, it becomes our breath, and when we use it effectively, it brings newness and direction to life. Silence con­quers the tyrants of habit that oppress, suppress, and deceive us. Silence opens our eyes and ears to see and understand, and thus we can overcome all tyranny, because the power of silence gives us the motivation and the will to become free. Through silence we can transform confusion into clarity, anxiety into trust, blame into responsibility, and bitterness into forgiveness... The alchemy of silence is unlimited.

As each person is unique, so is his or her journey into silence. Of course, there are deep rivers to swim and huge mountains to cross, but the heights we reach are all worth the effort. Since we journey as students, we enjoy the learning, no matter in what form it comes, because we recognize that exploring and practicing silence is inspirational, challenging, and revealing. Whenever you falter on the path, try this simple practice, which brings you back to the essence of silence:

Take a moment... to journey inward

1. Let the body sit comfortably and feel it relaxing. Once the body is comfortable, the mind can be set free.

2. Take your mind inside and visualize a spark of light -- a point of concentrated energy -- in the center of your forehead.

3. As you focus on this spark, think of your spiritual identity as a being of light. Maintain this awareness and imagine the light shining and rays of peace reaching out into the world.

4. When you are ready, come back to the reality of the world around you but continue to be aware of the light that is always shining within you.

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