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Every day of our lives we have to deal with different situations and challenges. Some days, those challenges are not too demanding. Other days, they seem like they're insurmountable. We make plans and set schedules to try and gain some kind of control over our lives, but life usually has a bunch of surprises waiting for us. Each day brings new obstacles to overcome.

So how can we prepare to face those challenges if we don't know what they're going to be?

The answer, of course, is God. We prepare for unseen challenges by putting our faith in God. It doesn't matter what challenges life throws at us, because the way we handle those challenges will always be the same--we handle them by trusting that God is by our side, facing them with us. And if God is by our side, no challenge is too big to overcome. "Give God glory in all of your circumstances," Thessalonians 5:28 tells us, "knowing that He will deliver you from it all."

What God tells us in the Bible is that we can't let the ups and downs of every day--the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly, the triumphs and tragedies--dictate how we live our lives. We must be governed by the same set of beliefs and principles every day, regardless of what situations arise. Circumstances change--but God's grace does not. Or as it says in 2 Corinthians 5:7: "Live your life by faith and not by what the world wants to dictate to you."

Think of yourself as the captain of a boat The captain can never be sure what the ocean has in store for him. One day the waves are choppy and treacherous, the next they are serene. But the way the Captain approaches his job does not change from day to day. His behavior isn't dictated by the weather--it is dictated by his faith. His faith in himself, in his abilities, in his crew, and in his boat.

In the same way, our behavior should not be dictated by events, good or bad. How we act and what we say should be guided by our faith in God. In the Bible God gives us the blueprint to handle any situation or challenge, and that blueprint is always the same--be strong in your faith in God, because that strength will see you through. As Isaiah 6:3 tells us, "Allow God's glory to cover you today in all of your circumstances."

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