What About Puss?

02/02/2012 05:54 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2012

When it comes to the Golden Collar Awards race, how could not only Puss, but all felines, be shut out? Cats wear collars too.

While I am thrilled that this has been a fantastic year for many talented canines in film (some of my best friends are dogs), I can't help but express my disappointment that my old friend Puss in Boots has been overlooked.

Not only did Puss bring wit, adventure, dance, and soul to the big screen last year, but he also won the heart of that saucy minx Kitty Softpaws, escaped prison, saved the town with his brother Humpty, and made his mother proud, all in one pounce. As Puss would say, his name should become legend.

Yes, the dogs have done well this year, but dogs will do anything for a sausage treat, cats do everything out of love.

Giggy may look dapper in his Beverly Hills ensembles, but he will never wear a sword like Puss does. Chunk may have won over Chelsea Handler, but Puss has the heart of thousands of ladies across the globe. And oh Uggie, he really is the cutest canine around and so very talented, two nominations... bow wow, but wasn't Puss' performance just as purrrfect too?

The fans heard your cries Mr. Scorsese (take a drink Melissa McCarthy), and I congratulate you on Blackie's belated nomination, but put her on the dance floor against Puss at the Cat Cantina and it's no contest.

Puss' sass, style and swag should not be overlooked alongside these canine creatures. They may hide them better, but cats have feelings too. Please overcome this anti-feline-ism, Hollywood, and give my dear friend the recognition he deserves. Don't make the cat angry!