06/23/2010 07:58 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Getting LA Off Oil

Yesterday I joined leading environmentalists and documentary filmmaker Josh Tickell to declare "Get LA Off Oil Day" and showcase the City's alternative fuel vehicles. The folks from GM also brought a brand new Volt electric car, and we saw a car that gets 150 miles per gallon of ALGAE. Now that's an alternative fuel!

There is no better place in the world for alternative fuels than Los Angeles. We're the car capital of the world, but we are also known for turning challenges into opportunities.

LA was the first American city to incorporate fuel cell vehicles in the fleet for everyday use (and second in the world - Tokyo was first).

In December, I announced the Southern California Regional Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Plan. Our plan is to be "plug-in ready" for the next generation of electric cars.

Our Clean Trucks Program banned over 10% of the dirtiest trucks and replaced 16,800 trucks with ones that meet EPA emissions standards or run on alternative fuel.

We are replacing diesel trash trucks, street sweepers, and other city vehicles. Using LNG in trash trucks has saved the City approximately $1.4 million versus dirtier and costlier diesel.

Los Angeles also has the nation's largest fleet of clean fuel buses. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority has converted 99% of their buses to clean fuel. Our entire LADOT Commuter Express fleet will use clean fuel buses by 2013.

Just last week we declared "Dump the Pump Day," encouraging people to choose transit, especially with 12 new transit projects funded by Measure R.

By integrating alternative fuels, and simultaneously building a Countywide transit system funded by Measure R, we are well on our way to getting LA off oil.