08/25/2014 01:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Quit Complaining and Start Acting


What are your greatest goals in life? What achievements would you like to have for considering yourself a successful person? Just imagine all of this clearly in your mind and now answer to the most important question. What steps are you taking for reaching that goals and living your life to the fullest?

Try to observe yourself for a while and see whether you find yourself just constantly talking about your amazing plans instead of starting to make them a reality. The truth is that you can't build a reputation on what you are going to do. Your actions define who you are, nothing else.

Excuses Are Not an Option

You may somehow claim that it's not that easy to build your way to success. You may find thousand obstacles holding you back. You may not have essential resources, required knowledge or enough time.

People often have the mindset of being victims. They have a thousand excuses to why they are not living the life they have always desired. They accuse their boss, their neighbors, their relatives, the economy or not having opportunities coming their way. Let me reveal a profound truth to you: if you truly commit to achieving something, you will find opportunities, and if you don't want it bad enough, you will always find excuses. You are the one to choose whether you are going to find opportunities or blame the circumstances.

Do you think that all the people who reached profound success in their life had all the necessary resources right from the beginning? Do you think that prosperity just fell right to their hands from above? Do you believe they didn't have any failures on their way? Of course, they are people who had a hundred times more resources than you and succeeded. But at the same time they are people who had a hundred times less resources than you and succeeded as well. Now what is your excuse?

The main thing that differentiates people who are successful from the ones, who are not, is determination and constant action towards the desired results.

Unfold Your Greatest Potential

Zig Ziglar said "You don't have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great." If you continually wait for the perfect circumstances, for the profound skills or even for a sign, you will somehow end up never taking action. There will always be obstacles, there will always be challenges and something will always be not the way you planned.

Don't let anything stop you from taking your firm steps towards your goals. Take action and you will suddenly discover that you have all the abilities to overcome the obstacles on your way, you have all the wisdom to make the right decisions, you have all the potential to live a life of purpose and value. Ideas are powerful, but they won't lead you to success. Action will lead you to success. If you give someone a brilliant idea which has a 100 percent chance of success, what will happen? Nothing, if they don't take any action towards realizing that idea.

Just Take That First Step Forward

Each person is given the unique opportunity of choosing who they want to be in their lives. What about you? What kind of person do you want to be? Someone who keeps constantly sitting on a comfortable sofa and thinking about a perfect life while drinking coffee or someone who keeps constantly setting goals and taking action towards the perfect life? If you don't design your life, you will fall into someone else's plans. Going with the flow is very easy, but is it something you dreamed about? Is it something you will feel proud about when you look back at your life?
The decision is after you, but each decision leads to a different result. Take total responsibility for building your way in this life, and the result will be a higher level of prosperity and abundance. You are worth of being at the top of the highest mountain of achievement. Just believe in yourself and discover the courage deep within to start that amazing adventure of success in life!

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