02/17/2011 10:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall 2011: I'll Take One Of Everything (PHOTOS)

2011-02-17-mariacornejodress.jpgThis past Saturday I bought my first Zero + Maria Cornejo dress (at left, in a blurry picture taken to show my mom), on Sunday I wore it, so by Monday I was really pumped to see her show.

As a designer who sits in the Michelle Obama arsenal, Cornejo has become a semi-household name, but I hope to see her star rise more. At the showing of her Fall 2011 collection, I had the same reaction I always have to the Michael Kors collections: I would wear everything that came down the runway.

Below are some Zero + Maria Cornejo pieces the first lady has worn, then tell us which Fall 2011 designs you'd like to see her in.