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Huffington Post Mobile Apps: HuffPost On The Go

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The Huffington Post News App:

The whole world in real-time.
iconhpThe Huffington Post app brings you up-to-the-minute news, opinion, lifestyle and entertainment in a lively, easy-to-read format. By customizing your settings, you can stay informed on the topics that matter most to you – from politics, business and tech to comedy, sports, and healthy living. Featuring real-time updates from HuffPost's editors and reporters, the app also allows you to join the conversation, by commenting and sharing the most important – and most entertaining – stories with friends across the globe. You will also have at your fingertips our international editions, including the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.


HuffPost Live:

Don't just watch the news, be part of shaping it.
iconhplHuffPost Live is a live-streaming video network that uses the most engaging stories on The Huffington Post as the jumping-off point for real-time conversations and commentary – and invites viewers to join the discussion as on-air guests. Topics range from current events to entertainment to tech to parenting to health and fitness. With the HuffPost Live app you can: watch compelling conversations about the day’s top stories; join these conversations as an on-air guest; share and comment in real-time; read up and comment on upcoming segments; and sync with Apple TV, allowing you to comment or follow the conversation on your iPad while using AirPlay to “throw” the HuffPost Live video feed onto your TV screen.

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Huffington magazine:

Enjoy a weekly roundup of the best of HuffPost.
iconhuffingtonEach week, Huffington brings the qualities that define HuffPost – storytelling, engagement, community – to the uniquely expressive tablet medium, designed and produced by our team of editors and designers. That means sophisticated design, stunning photographs, typography that's sharper than any print publication, and rich, colorful full-screen ads that are far away from the maddening crowds of banner ads, pop-ups, and drop-downs. If you love The Huffington Post website, but don't have time during the week to absorb everything it offers, then download Huffington and spend your weekend getting caught up on the best features in politics, entertainment, business, culture and more.

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GPS For The Soul:

De-stress with a killer app for better living.
icongpsGPS for the Soul is based on two truths: that we all have within us a centered place of harmony and balance, and that we all veer away from that place again and again. GPS for the Soul measures your heart rate and heart rate variability, which taken together are a proxy for stress, and then connects you with the things that help you course-correct – from music and poetry to breathing exercises and pictures of your loved ones.