03/13/2014 06:03 pm ET Updated May 13, 2014

Sorry, Wrong Number

I work as a singing telegram delivery girl in New York City. It's the day job I have that allows me to pursue my passions for comedy and writing. The other day, I was uptown doing a job at a construction site. In honor of St. Patrick's Day coming up and the contractor who was off the boat from County Mayo, Ireland, I was dressed as a leprechaun. I dialed the contact, the person on the inside who knows the jig, no pun intended with the leprechaun costume. Anyway, I dialed the number and this is how the exchange went:

Lady: Hello.

Me: I am your singing telegram. I am here.

Lady: My what?

Me: You know, your leprechaun.

Lady: WHAT?!

Me: Yeah, I am your singing leprechaun.

Lady: What are you talking about

This is when I did the anti-political correct thing of mimicking a terrible Irish accent.

Me: You know, you're me lucky charm. I am looking for me pot of gold.

Lady: What? I am very confused.

Me: I am your singing leprechaun, you ordered me to sing to Danny.

Lady: What is going on here?

Me: Is this Linda?

Lady: No, my name is Cheryl Anderson.

Me: Sorry, I believe I have the wrong number. Nice to meet you. Bye

Lady: Bye

Then I realized that I accidentally reversed the digit by one number. So much for my Irish luck, I was still a fool. Poor Cheryl Anderson was more confused than ever. I hope she wasn't dropping acid that evening, because if she had a call like this would have seriously tripped her out. However, I doubt it because she did seem like an extremely nice lady. Either way, the delivery went well and we gave each other a rather interesting story. Lesson: Next time you get a wrong number, hear them out. They might just be a wannabe leprechaun with a fake Irish accent infected with Princess Pan Syndrome.

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