Cholera in Haiti

Tuesday the United States transferred 120 million dollars through the World Bank for humanitarian efforts to rebuild Haiti 10 months after the fatal 7.0 earthquake. The country is currently in the grips of a cholera outbreak and rebounding from Hurricane Thomas.

800 people have died from the disease of Cholera and more are being infected but PJ Crowley of the U-S State Department believes the death toll will stabilize as medical attention is cuts into the grim statistics. Cholera is transmitted through tainted water. It can kill in a matter of hours.

Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State reinforces Haiti is a long term endeavor. However, the Obama Administration is encouraged by the Haitian government. Crowley contends it is stepping up as their capabilities have improved. He says the public health system is better and the water quality has improved, people are being moved from temporary shelter to permanent shelter. The United States is also working with the Haitian government to place scores of children left orphaned after the quake.

A symbol of normalcy will return to Haiti November 28, it is the day of the Haitian elections. The balloting was postponed earlier this year because of the earthquake.