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Take This Austrian 'Sound Of Music' Tour For Ultimate Nostalgia

Amy Liebster for Architectural Digest.


(photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

On March 2, 1965 -- 50 years ago today -- the film adaptation of The Sound of Music premiered in New York City. An instant hit, the movie won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and went on to become one of the most beloved films of all time. Five decades later, it continues to bring inspiration and joy to audiences. The film's setting of Salzburg, Austria, attracts fans from all over the world looking to re-create the musical journey of Maria von Trapp (played by Julie Andrews), from the abbey to the Von Trapp villa and then over the Alps to escape the Nazis. Salzburg remains largely unchanged since the time of production, giving visitors the impression of stepping back in time, into the world of Maria, Captain von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), and his seven children.


(photo: Tourismus Salzburg GMBH)

Nonnberg Abbey
At the start of the film, Maria (Julie Andrews) is a novice at Nonnberg Abbey in the center of Salzburg. Founded around 714, the abbey is where the real Maria von Trapp served as a novice of the Benedictine Sisterhood after World War I. The building's outer courtyard and gate appear in the film multiple times, most notably when the nuns sing "Maria."

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(photo: Tourismus Salzburg GMBH)

Salzburg Residence Square
Part of the musical number "I Have Confidence" was filmed in the center of Salzburg in Residence Square, which was built in the late 16th century. Maria playfully splashes the water of the square's grand baroque fountain--a very imposing backdrop--as she embarks on her new life as a governess.


(photo: Tourismus Salzburg GMBH)

Frohnburg Palace (Schloss Frohnburg)
The façade of Frohnburg Palace serves as the entrance to the Von Trapp family home, which was filmed at multiple locations in Salzburg. Maria arrives here at the end of "I Have Confidence." Today, Frohnburg is home to the Mozarteum, a music conservatory.


(photo: Tourismus Salzburg GMBH)

Schloss Leopoldskron
While Frohnburg stood in for both the front and rear façades of the Von Trapp villa, another nearby palace provided the lakeside gardens and vista. Named Schloss Leopoldskron, this large rococo estate overlooking the pond Leopoldskroner Weiher is never actually glimpsed in the film.


(photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

The Alps near Salzburg
Maria takes the children on a picnic in the mountains outside Salzburg, where she teaches them to sing. The iconic "Do-Re-Mi" number begins on a verdant hillside surrounded by the Alps' craggy peaks.

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