10/28/2005 08:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ari's Frustration of the Day

Watching Pat Fitzgerald this morning left me very frustrated. Why isn’t this guy our next Supreme Court nominee? He’s brilliant, courageous, clearly a real leader. And he cuts across party lines. When a reporter asked him about being called a partisan, he said, "One day I read that I was a Republican hack, another day I read that I was a Democratic hack, and the only thing I did between those two nights was sleep." Isn’t that the kind of impartiality we want in a Supreme Court nominee?

Bush may not be as close with him as he is with Harriet Miers (at least, not yet!), but surely after today he “knows his heart”. And how can the conservatives who kneecapped Miers have a problem with a man who takes national security so seriously he mentioned it 10 times during his press conference? He’s a man after their own heart, right?