This is Real News -- Don't Cover it Like a Sport

Call me old-fashioned, but I could not believe last night's convention coverage: they were analyzing things as if it were college sports.

I sat down with my sons last night to watch the convention coverage, thinking I was exposing them to something important, and I was amazed. It was truly like football game analysis -- the news has turned into football game analysis! The media have kept this race close so that the public will keep tuning in.

I was watching MSNBC and CNN -- but it felt like ESPN. I watched as they started talking about how Michelle would be a different dressing First Lady. That was actually a point of conversation! How about: Is Obama's energy policy on point? Is McCain backing a new Cold War? Is there a chance McCain's cancer will reoccur? These are the kinds of questions I want to see discussed -- not how Michelle Obama's wardrobe will differ from previous First Ladies.

And how about discussing how McCain twisted a Jay Leno joke about how he owns 7 houses into a diatribe about being forced to live in a box for five years? With all due respect to him, one has nothing to do with the other. Maybe McCain is losing it. When my father was 72 he started to forget things. I still loved and respected him -- but that doesn't mean I wanted him to be president.

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