07/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Five Word Webby Speech: Coming Down to the Wire

On Friday, I asked for suggestions for the 5-word acceptance speech I should give at tonight's Webby Awards.

Your response has been tremendous: over 1,000 suggestions so far. We are still debating which one I should use.

Here are some of our favorites. Let me know which one you prefer -- or, if you think you can do better, add a new suggestion of your own.

This will be a game-time decision!

The Revolution has been digitized.
- theinternetisnotatruck

Words can change the world.
-- proudprogressive

Dick Cheney, please shut up!
-- submitted by macspack

Journalism isn't dead; it's online.

Where'd all our money go?

Greek chorus, 21st Century style.
-- ElectronoftheOne

Cheney: you lost. Now, leave.
-- rtolmach

Blogs: Weapons of Mass Instruction.
-- Michael Pastore

Do ask, do tell. Do.
-- ourmoro

2009: Finally, a step forward.
-- tomtopspin

Al Franken: seat him now.
-- madrediterra

News media needs more cowbell.
-- BobEvansZombie

Justice Sotomayor... sounds good, right?
-- StrongHeart

All voices should be heard.
-- lostpl8

Many voices, making a difference
-- think4urself

Rush, Newt, Cheney: Epic Fail
-- BobEvansZombie

They said it wouldn't last.
-- QueenCeleste