08/13/2014 12:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday, HuffPost Live!

Childhood development guides tell us that 2-year-olds traditionally begin to exhibit growing independence and openly defiant behavior. Well, HuffPost Live, which turns 2 years old today, has been defiantly independent since it launched.

To celebrate this milestone, we are launching a daily HuffPost Live newsletter that will give you a preview of each day's programming highlights and catch you up on the best moments you might have missed. Sign up here.

If you haven't made HuffPost Live a regular part of your HuffPost experience, don't wait any longer! Each weekday features a vibrant, ever-changing mix of smart, compelling conversations with newsmakers, politicians, celebrities and, just as important, members of the HuffPost community, sharing their personal experiences and discussing the issues that most impact their lives.

But instead of spending the rest of this post cataloguing all the things that make HuffPost Live so special, why don't we show you some of the reasons that it was recently awarded the Webby for Best News and Information Channel for the second year in a row, draws 22 million unique visitors a month and has generated 1.5 billion video views since it launched.

Here's a look at some of the actors, comics, athletes, and singers who've joined us on HuffPost Live:

This video offers a look at a number of the many HuffPost Live moments that ended up making headlines from The New York Times to The Daily Show to Good Morning America -- and everywhere in between:

This video features some of the 22,500 HuffPost community members who have joined us live, on-air -- and demonstrates why HuffPost Live is the most social video experience anywhere:

And, in case you missed it when it blew up last month, here's a very funky mashup of Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Wayne Brady and David Lee Roth rapping about The Huffington Post:

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Happy 2nd birthday, HuffPost Live! And thank you for not smearing cake all over your head.

P.S. HuffPost Live President and co-creator Roy Sekoff will be leading a discussion with our hosts about their favorite segments from the past year. You can watch it here live at 5 p.m. EDT or on demand anytime after that.