04/20/2006 05:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary and Bill Back in L.A.: A Helpful Itinerary

Hillary Clinton is coming to Los Angeles for yet another fundraising stopover. And this time Bill is coming along. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your checkbooks!

Here's a quick look at what they have planned:

The visit kicks off with a small dinner Thursday night at the home of NewsCorp/Fox's Peter Chernin and his wife Megan.

Friday afternoon there is a screening of All the King's Men, starring Sean Penn as the original Slick Willie -- Willie Stark, Robert Penn Warren's fictional version of Huey Long. The screening is being hosted by the film's producer -- and longtime Democratic supporter -- Mike Medavoy and his wife Irena at their home in Beverly Park. Clinton crony James Carville gets an executive producer credit on the remake.

Hopefully the Clintons won't have filled up on Red Vines and Mr. Pibb ("crazy delicious"), because the screening will be followed by an early fundraising dinner at Green Acres, Ron Burkle's Beverly Hills estate (formerly owned by Harold Lloyd).

The cost of a dinner seat has been set at $4,200. That's the maximum allowable: $2,100 for Hillary's (nonexistent) Senate primary and $2,100 for her general campaign. It's worth noting that, since the money is being donated to a federal campaign, it is all transferable to any future presidential run Hillary might mount. Thanks, FEC!

Dinner guests were originally told that their donation would ensure them some fairly exclusive quality time with the Clintons -- they were promised the guest list would be closed out at 80 people. But, due to overwhelming demand, that number has been expanded to 180. A source working on the dinner told me that the higher-than-expected demand was fueled by L.A.'s ethnic communities. "We're seeing a lot of ethnic money," said the source. "Iranian, Indian, etc." There will be no immigrant bashing at Green Acres Friday night (unless one of the valet parkers dings a donor's Hummer).

And the fundraising won't end with the main course. After dinner, hundreds more Clinton backers will descend on Green Acres for a $1,000 per person dessert reception, where the entertainment will be provided by John Fogerty.

No word on any midnight snack fundraiser. Yet. But we'll keep you posted.