10/10/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 10, 2014

HuffPost Deutschland Is 1 Year Old Today. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to HuffPost Deutschland, which turns 1 year old today. There's no better time to celebrate the work and spirit of our amazing German team under the leadership of Cherno Jobatey, our editorial director, and Sebastian Matthes, our editor-in-chief.

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since we gathered in our office in Munich, along with our partners from Hubert Burda Media's Tomorrow Focus, to launch HuffPost Deutschland as a journalistic outlet and platform. It's also hard to believe that, at that time, we would occasionally hear that Germans simply weren't interested in blogging. Since then, more than 1,400 bloggers -- people from all walks of life, from professors and politicians to activists and parents -- have joined the conversation. HuffPost Deutschland is now an integral part of the conversation in Germany -- and more and more people want to be a part of it.

Our editorial team has covered everything from drug legalization and pension reform to Germany's inadequate investment in infrastructure, education and childcare. At the same time, we're putting the spotlight on what is working in Germany. HuffPost Deutschland has launched its own Impact section, putting a spotlight on individuals, organizations and communities coming up with solutions to some of the biggest challenges the country faces. And as we continue our international expansion -- HuffPost is now in 11 countries, with Greece, Morocco, India and our Arabic edition coming next, and with more than half of our traffic coming from outside the United States -- we're seeing the kind of international collaborations that are opening up the conversation even more. For example, after a recent conversation with HuffPost Gay Voices editor Noah Michelson, Gina Meltzer decided to start HuffPost Deutschland's own Gay Voices section.

Germans are also emerging as leaders when it comes to living the Third Metric. Just last month, Germany's Labor Ministry commissioned a study on work-related stress, which could eventually lead to a ban on after-hours emails -- a clear signal that Germany is taking seriously the dangers of a work culture built on stress, burnout and constant connectivity. And an interview with former Deutsche Telekom executive Thomas Sattelberger on the need to reduce stress in Germany resonated widely across German media.

So please continue to make HuffPost Deutschland your destination for news, opinion and community on all things Germany. To everyone who has been a part of this vibrant community, may our second year be as exciting and fulfilling -- and as free of late-night emails -- as the first. Happy birthday, congratulations and gratitude from all your HuffPost siblings across the world.