12/31/2010 09:07 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Last Year, Next Year

Happy New Year, HuffPosters! As we're sweeping up the confetti, let's raise a final glass to 2010. Amidst the disasters, the acrimony and the "recovery, what recovery?" economy, there was still much to celebrate. It was another exciting year at HuffPost as we continued to grow and evolve. There were new sections (hello Travel, Religion, Health, Education, Divorce, Food, College, Arts), and new ways to experience HuffPost on the go (hello, iPad app). And there's more to come next year: more sections, more original video and more HuffPost reporters covering everything from politics to business to popular culture -- with an emphasis on storytelling and putting flesh and blood on the data. Personally, I watched my youngest daughter join her sister in college and crisscrossed the country on a book tour (with many detours to visit the daughters in college!). On the road, I marveled at the resilience and ingenuity I encountered as people throughout America take it upon themselves to reconnect to those in need and rebuild their communities. Here's to a wonderful 2011, full of love, compassion, creativity and surprises!