03/04/2012 12:02 am ET Updated May 03, 2012

Sunday Roundup

This week, Mitt Romney avoided the embarrassment of losing his home state's primary, but not by much. The presumptive GOP nominee's campaign continues to sputter along, unable to win over the party's base. He blamed the lack of excitement on his unwillingness to "light my hair on fire" (who would want to inflame such a perfect coif?), but it likely has more to do with his inability to stop firing off tone-deaf comments like the latest ones about his multiple cars and his NASCAR team-owner pals. Luckily for Mitt, Rick Santorum keeps speaking his mind, revealing a candidate who thinks Obama is "a snob" for promoting higher education (despite his having more degrees than Ann Romney has Cadillacs), and that the government "should get out of the education business" (despite accepting thousands in government aid for his kids' home schooling). The level of discourse, unlike the trees in Michigan, is definitely not "the right height."

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