03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Newsmakers Roasting on an Open Fire: Your Gift Ideas for 2009's Naughty and Nice

Earlier this week, I asked for your ideas on what gifts we should give to some of our favorite -- and not so favorite -- public figures. You dusted off your Santa suits and squeezed down the virtual chimney, loaded with gift ideas.

Now it's time to unwrap the presents. Here are our favorite gifts to stuff into the stockings of some of 2009's most memorable characters:

Chris Matthews: a microphone that cuts off after he asks a question. (submitted by MrJoyboy)

Barack Obama: a GPS, to show him the way from Wall Street to Main Street. (submitted by Manx)

Barack Obama: a memory improvement course so he can remember what he said during the campaign. (MrJoyboy)

Howard Dean: applause for sticking to what is right and not to what we should settle for. (Luis Nobondo)

Sarah Palin: a gallon of White Out, the better to rewrite history. (MrJoyboy)

Sarah Palin: a clue. Even if it's just the board game. (TOOO)

Wolf Blitzer: a trivia book for his next misadventure on Celebrity Jeopardy. (megalanzero)

Joe Lieberman: a heart transplant -- to give him something he's never had. (Manx)

Al Franken and Alan Grayson: all the money they need to get re-elected the next time they run. (SKinMN)

The Wall Street criminals that lined their pockets with everyone else's money and brought the economy to the brink: jail time - and lots of it! (sunsethill)

Those In Government: the same health care plan that the American people now have. (MichelleMoquin)

Glenn Beck: a very nice and cozy (slightly-used) millennium bunker, with padded walls. (RepugsOut08)

"Real Housewives" and other reality "stars": a life -- specifically a life without cameras. (Quislet)

Michele Bachmann: a six-foot statue of the Minnesota state bird -- the loon -- for encouraging citizens to protect their freedom by not filling out the federal census in 2010. (offred)

American voters: Public financing of all campaigns. (4earth)

Teabaggers: a reality check. (timatgonzo)

Matt Taibbi: a tool belt with a hammer so he can continue to nail Goldman Sachs to the wall. (inmyhumbleopinion)

Any worker making tangible goods and providing necessary services: a banker's bonus. (Eileen Kasai)