10/03/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

RNC Video Diary: Mika and Joe Channel Hepburn and Tracy, Moose Stew, and More Palin Reactions

On Monday, HuffPost hosted the RNC version of our panel on how new media are impacting the '08 race. Moderated by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski, who I introduced as "the Hepburn and Tracy of morning TV," the panel included Cyrus Krohn, who left Yahoo! to spearhead the RNC's new media campaign, David Kralik, Newt Gingrich's tech guru, Peggy Noonan, Laura Ingraham, Tony Blankley, John Fund, Rep. John Shadegg, and Frank Luntz.

We really wanted to make our lunch menu RNC specific. We thought about serving quail shot by Vice President Cheney, but decided better safe than sorry. We also considered serving moose stew, which Sarah Palin told Vogue was her favorite meal. But luckily for our guests, Greeks don't really know much about cooking moose, so we decided to go with salmon. We weren't sure it was from Alaska, but decided to act as if it were.

We'll be posting video from the panel discussion shortly. And you can read what the press had to say about it here and see pictures of the event here.

At the lunch -- and later at the Xcel Energy Center, where the convention is being held -- I asked people to tell me where they were when they heard that McCain had picked Palin and what their first reaction was. Check it out:

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