11/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rocky Mountain High: Introducing HuffPost Denver, Our New Section Covering All Things Colorado

Today marks the rollout of our latest local section, HuffPost Denver, covering all things Colorado.

We fell in love with all that Denver and Colorado have to offer during last year's Democratic National Convention. Yes, we were in a very good mood thanks to the massages, yoga, and organic treats at the HuffPost Oasis -- but it was really the unique energy of the place that grabbed our attention. Click here to read HuffPost Denver editor Ethan Axelrod's post on some of the other reasons we chose Colorado as our latest stomping ground.

HuffPost Denver will feature up-to-the-minute Colorado news and a collection of bloggers ready to share their takes on everything from local politics to the region's fashion, food, entertainment, real estate, business trends, and sports teams. I imagine after this weekend's miracle finish, there will be plenty of talk about the Broncos. And there will, of course, be full coverage of Colorado's incredible outdoors culture -- including photos, videos, and stories from our readers.

As we've done in New York, we have formed partnerships with a number of media outlets around the state that will be bringing us the best on-the-ground reporting from throughout Colorado. And our partners will be utilizing our citizen journalism tools and tapping into our community to help dig into important local stories. Click here to read our Special Projects Editor Katharine Zaleski's account of barnstorming the state with Ethan to meet up with our Colorado partners -- including a memorable stop at a raucous town hall appearance by President Obama.

We hope that users will turn the section into a Colorado-centric meeting place, creating a community around the local stories that matter most to them and impact their daily lives.

So check out HuffPost Denver ... and All Things Colorado. And use the comments section below to let us know what you think.