11/28/2008 01:32 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sandwich Day Posts: No Leftovers Her

Happy Sandwich Day -- aka the Day After Thanksgiving. As you prepare your leftover turkey sandwiches, our HuffPost bloggers have fresh food for thought: their takes on what we have to be grateful for, and where we can do better. In the meantime, we can't let the moment pass without mentioning the week's biggest turkey: Hank Paulson who, in yet another abrupt about-face, suddenly can't give away taxpayers' money fast enough. Now he wants another $800 billion on top of the original $700 billion. All doled out with an utter lack of clarity, transparency, and the promised oversight. It's a bailout feast for Wall Street; a trip to the food bank for Main Street. Gobble, gobble, Hank.

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