02/23/2013 11:58 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2013

Sunday Roundup

This week was spent preparing for an event full of manufactured drama, long-winded speeches, self-congratulation, and fake sincerity. No, not the Oscars -- the Sequester. The crisis might be as manufactured as the ending of Argo, but the consequences are all too real, including a decline in growth and jobs, big cuts to national parks, and air travel chaos. So go ahead and tune that out for a night and take in another -- far more appealing -- spectacle in which people pretend to be something they're not. My predictions: Best Picture: Argo. Best Director: Ang Lee. Best Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro. Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway. Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis. And, in my upset special, 85-year-old Emmanuelle Riva for Best Actress -- a role model of fearless aging.