11/02/2013 11:49 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Sunday Roundup

This week saw proof that the so-called "Snowden Effect" is still... in effect. The term refers to the increase of public knowledge and debate set in motion by Edward Snowden's leaks. The latest disclosure being that the NSA tapped Yahoo's and Google's international data centers. Last week it was the tapping of German Chancellor Merkel's cell phone. On Monday, Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein said not only was she unaware of this, but so was President Obama. On Thursday, Secretary of State Kerry said the NSA had gone "too far" and was operating on "automatic pilot." So not only is the "Snowden Effect" letting the public know what the NSA is doing, it's also informing the White House. The president says he welcomes debate with the public on the NSA. But how many more "Snowden Effect" revelations will it take before we can have a real debate on what is acceptable and what is not?